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As Donald approached the main free animal farm sex girl dog sex entry to the office building, he recognized Marc Reisner as Marc entered ahead of him. He doubted that whatever brought Marc out here would be nearly as unconventional as his own purposes. Marc was a managerial peer of Donald's and the two were friends outside work as well. The two belonged to the same country club and golfed together about once a month. Beyond that, they socialized as couples together at least once a month at cook outs, poker nights, or theme parties. Donald found Marc's wife quite attractive, and had occasionally fantasized about swapping Song Lee and Ruthie. He knew Marc found Song Lee very attractive both because he kidded Donald asking how hot it was to have an Asian wife, and because Marc spent a good deal of time flirting with Song Lee at their social gatherings. Today, however, Donald slowed his pace so he wouldn't run into Marc entering the building. The fewer questions, the better

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